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Stitch in Newcastle.

I was getting ready to send Stitch off, and then realised that I'd forgotten to upload the pictures from his visit! Here are the highlights of his first visit to the UK.

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Stitch will be getting back into his box tonight and heading to Kat tomorrow! I've really enjoyed being a part of this!

Mailing Order

 Annnd... Here we go!

First Stitch Recipient: whatcateydid 

Mailing order after Cate:

Names were drawn randomly. I wrote them all on an old bank statement, ripped it up, tossed them in my grey fedora (see what I did there =P), and pulled them out.  If anyone joins after this... I'm just tacking their name on the end. That's what they get for not joining up when I told them to. Rawwr!

So! Please send out your info accordingly. Of course, Brigitte, I'm demanding that if this list stays like it is now, that you hand deliver Stitch to me... at a Protoshow. That is all.


Wu! Okay! So, let's get started!  First off, meet Stitch:

The Stitch I'm sending off is on the right. My Stitch that I wouldn't give up for the world is on the left.

So, here's the fun part! I'll make a new post for addresses and such and my email so you can get all the information you need me to get to me... to me.

As I've stated on my journal, I'm sending him across the Atlantic first so, you kids, send me your info and I will toss names in a hat and pull them out and see who he goes to first. After that, if you want to keep him over there for a bit and get it out of the way, that's fine, if not then we'll proceed with sending him on in one of two ways:

1. The original idea of putting everyone's name in a hat and the order in which I pick them out is the order in which he will be sent.

2. Do like the notebook and whoever comments first on a post gets him.

This is entirely up to you, so speak up!

As soon as I have everyone's names I'll make another new post when I send him off.

All right then kiddos, I'm off to get Stitch travel ready!